Gerjoke Wilmink

General Manager Nibud

Gerjoke Wilmink graduated in Dutch language and literature at the Nijmegen University (1985). After working as a journalist, she joined Sdu Publishers, The Hague. She was, among other functions, assistant editor in chief of the National Gazette and publisher. In 1997 she joined the Woningraadgroep BV as the managing director of Nestas Communicatie, a company specialized in communication, congress organization and publishing especially for the housing sector.

Since 2000 she is the managing director of Nibud, the Dutch National Institute for Family Finance Information. Mrs. Wilmink is also editor of Schuldsanering (Kluwer), a journal about over indebtedness; chairman of the board of advice of the social banks; member of the steering committee of the Moneywise Platform, an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Finance;  member of the Dutch Advertising Code Committee; board member of ‘Weet Wat Je Besteedt’, a foundation that wants to increase the financial self-sufficiency among young people.