Sue Lewis

Independent Policy Consultant

Sue Lewis is an independent policy consultant, advising on retail financial services, with a focus on financial education, financial inclusion, consumer protection, and savings and investments. Sue is also on the main board of the Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg), a UK charity which promotes and supports personal finance education in schools; and the Consumer Credit Counselling Services, a UK debt advice charity. She is also the consumer advocate member of the UK Chartered Insurance Institute Professional Standards Board.

Before starting her own consultancy, Sue held a number of senior roles in the UK civil service, in the Treasury, Department for Education and the Cabinet Office.

Most recently, as Head of Savings and Investments in the UK Treasury, Sue advised government ministers on financial education, financial inclusion, mutual financial institutions, institutional investment, and regulation of financial products. Her earlier roles include leading policy on early years, children and young people, and gender equality issues. Sue also led the Cruickshank Banking Review team, an independent review looking at competition in banking markets.

Sue has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of London and a Master’s degree in statistical methods from City University, London.