Renate Finke

Renate Finke works as a Senior Economist in the International Pensions unit at Allianz Asset Management AG in Munich, Germany. The International Pensions team is conducting research on trends in the global retirement market, on drivers and developments in pension systems and markets, focuses on client demand and solutions.

The development of pensions systems worldwide is and will remain one of the most significant features of the financial market into the foreseeable future. Retirement assets already represent some of the largest pools of capital available for investment worldwide. And as the world ages and individuals become increasingly responsible for their own financial wellbeing, ever greater emphasis will be placed upon ensuring these assets grow and are adequate for them to enjoy their retirement years.

“Multiplying investment and retirement knowledge” is a key issue of the team and the magazine PROJECT M is the main organ for sharing ongoing research, thoughts and developments on the key focus areas of investment, retirement and pensions. The magazine aims to provide retirement and pension professionals with access to knowledge and a network of expertise. It also serves as a communication forum that consistently raises and shares ideas and insights so as to open up new directions and possibilities.