Olaf Simonse

Ministry of Finance, The Netherlands

Olaf Simonse leads the Money Wise Platform and – in this role – is responsible for executing the National Strategy for Financial Education in the Netherlands.

The Money Wise Platform was initiated by the Ministry of Finance in order to coordinate financial education efforts. In the platform, more than 40 partners from the financial sector, government, public information and consumer organisations, and the field of science have joined forces to strengthen the consumer’s position in the financial domain. Each contributes to the effort from its own role and responsibilities. In September 2010, Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands assumed the role of Honorary Chair of the Money Wise platform.

Working toward financial self-sufficiency for consumers is a matter of requiring long-term, consistent effort. With the Money Wise Action Plan, the partners seek to add an extra impulse to strengthening the consumer’s position. This is done by joining forces in projects and programs such as the National Money Week, the Pension3day, a financial education website and activities aimed at increasing awareness.